Our University admits a large troop of students for undergraduation. And so the hostel booking process becomes difficult (when servers add to the crowd problem). But that’s totally out of our hands. What this tiny tool could do is host the entire student hostel database when the correct data is inputted by the crowd after hostel booking is over.

The site is currently live at hostelroo.ml.

Built on Flask and powered by MySQL database


  • Know your future roommate
  • Quickly reach out to a friend’s room
  • Make the hostels database more open
  • Request a roommate swap

Got over 500 registrations and 15k views in a couple of days.

Made in an evening just for fun and mass convenience.

Hosted freely on PythonAnywhere.

Find the source code for the 2018 edition here.

Built on Node.js and powered by Firebase Realtime Database


  • Know your future roommate
  • Search for a friend (using any parameters!)
  • Request a roommate swap
  • Better control over your data

Hosted freely on repl.it.

Find the source code for the 2019 edition here.