Quickly get your eLab record generated

Usage instructions are documented here.

  • Doesn’t matter if questions are incomplete in between

  • Accepts C, C++, Java, Python as the available options for program evaluation

  • Evaluates only the completed and 100% verified questions

  • Collects all the evaluation reports in PNG format, converts them to PDF and concatenates all the PDFs

  • Single PDF file shareable with classmates to share progress / as final eLab submission report

  • Uses Python library - requests (for getting the reports) and img2pdf (for converting to PDF) instead of (resource heavy and difficult-to-use) Selenium.

  • Response time : 10m (best case)

  • Support - 2nd year CSE (ADA, Java), IT (ADA, Java), 1st year PDD


A demo version is currently live at elabreport.ml. Recommended to use Google Colab for the purpose. The response time isn’t lightning fast because eLab servers are slow!

Status : Contact if you'd like to maintain this project furthur.

Find the GitHub repo here.